Who we are

Hey there, I'm Tova. 

Nice to meet you.

I've been doing this EarSeeds things for a while- since 2014 actually.

My husband Elie and I launched EarSeeds.com and shortly after, EarSeedsAcademy.com.

There we teach this modality in-depth to those who want to learn it in depth for the most impactful results

Basically, we know a thing or two about this unique and strangely fascinating (and proven) modality. 

Before EarSeeds? I spent about 20 years as a product designer in the NYC fashion industry. 

But I had to leave that world.

Ya know how sometimes something happens in your life that changes the way you see the whole world and specifically, your spot in it?

So yeah. That happened. 

Sunshine and & Daisy Pic

In 2009 our second pregnancy - identical twin girls, forever nicknamed Sunshine & Daisy, were stillborn at 24 weeks.   

Things like that, yeah, they kinda offer a perspective shift. 

I fell into a place of darkness, as you can imagine, and my journey to climb out of it brought me to some unexpected places. 

(***side note: I tend to be drawn towards things that are unexpected. For instance, I'll bet this story wasn't what you expected on this about page, but here we are! 💛 ) 

Well after years of connecting with other loss moms online, I ultimately found my healing & light by helping them connect to their inner light; their creativity, their fearless, bold self-expression... those moments they could create in their worlds that would lead them back to themselves. 

Specifically, I also encouraged copious amounts of sequins, sparkle & glitter. 

Light on the outside to help them see their light in the inside. 

It was probably the most powerful & meaningful work I've ever done in my life and continuing to work in the wasteful, pretentious, high-pressure fashion industry (aka: The shmata business for those in it as long as I've been) became impossible for me. 

Like literally. I was having panic attacks under conference tables.

I just could not do it anymore. 

All I wanted to do was help people shine... but how on earth is that a career?

And then, EarSeeds happened. 

As an acupuncturist, Elie had been using ear seeds on patients for years and knew a bit about what they could do. (He knows hella more now- he's a leading Auriculotherapy expert.... but I digress.) 

He was struck with the brilliant idea to make Ear Seeds - a non-invasive, easy-to-use, pressure-based acupressure tool accessible to everyone by packaging them inside complete educational kits. 

To be honest, I thought the whole thing was bullshit. 

I mean, yeah, the concept was good, if you're willing to buy into the idea that your ears have magical superpowers that can help with back pain, or weight loss, or headaches. 

I, for one, wasn't. 

Sorry dude. 

I'm a New Yorker. 

My skeptic BS meter was at 11, if you get me. 

Like, No. 




I tried them for stress. 

And I couldn't promise that they weren't helping. 

(In case that was too many double negatives, they helped.)  

And then I started reading, researching, learning... and well, here we are, 7 years later, still going strong with thousands of testimonials- some of them so powerful they can make you cry. Hundreds of people have trained in our programs. Our products have been featured in countless media- from Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, New York Magazine and on dozens of national news programs. 

And my NY skepticism has melted away as I've learned how ear seeds work and experienced it for myself countless times- with everything from headaches, to sprained ankles, pulled neck muscles to stress. The stress points are my everything. 

So, in a way, I learned that your ears actually do have magical superpowers. 

Go figure. 

So, why SPARK'D?

Why launch a whole new brand when we already have a successful business?

Honestly, because I wanted to. 

Because the SPARKLE of SPARK'D is what ignites me. And I missed it. 

What I learned all those years ago- helping women in the darkest corners of babyloss grief re-find their light by invited a little bit of their light, sparkle, color, creativity and fun into their life... it's such a powerful message for all of us and I wanted to bring it back to the forefront of my life. At a time when the world surely could use a bit more light.

Listen, EarSeeds are an amazing tool to help combat emotional and physical pain and discomfort- and when your pain and anxiety aren't overwhelming, you can feel free to SHINE.  

SPARK'D is where it all comes together and I'm excited to have you along for the ride. 

Want to download a lil' bit of crafty inspo to keep you connected to your SPARK? Here you go! 

XO, Tova

PS- While EarSeeds as a brand gives back to a host of important causes, from veterans, to the refugee crisis, racism and human trafficking survivors, among others, I wanted SPARK'D to be a brand specifically focused on giving back to underprivileged children/youth programs and LGBTQ+ youth. So, yeah. You can read more about that here.