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Our Mission

We believe wellness doesn't have to be boring.

SPARK'D EarSeeds are fashion-first ear acupressure products with empowering messaging thats SPARKS creativity and bold self-expression.

We're here for color-obsessed maximalists who don't recognize themselves in the branding and messaging of typical wellness brands.

Feeling uplifted is the outcome. Ear Seeds are the tool. 

Founder image
Founder image

SPARK'D Moments

A SPARK’D moment is that split second in your day when you encounter something that makes your heart skip a beat… or even half a beat… It’s OK to start small!

It’s that moment when you look at something and think “OH!” and then go about your day as though nothing happened.

But something DID happen!

Something Important!!

Something that is begging to be acknowledged!

That something was your SPARK’D Moment!

7 tips for tapping into your SPARK'D Moments

Hey there, I'm Tova

SPARK'D EarSeeds is a project I've created to combine two things I'm passionate about:
A- The power of color, light and sparkle to ignite a person's joy, and 
B- Ear Seeds. 😁

Combining my years as a product designer in the NYC fashion industry, with my husband Elie's experience as an acupuncturist, as a family we launched EarSeeds in 2014, followed by EarSeedsAcademy in 2016. 

Discovering how these beautiful and powerful ear seeds could deeply help people, teaching others how to use them in holistic wellness environments, and seeing the transformative power they had for those in dark moments of their lives compelled me create this passion project. 

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Product image

Our Story

Traveling through grief and healing following the stillbirth of our identical twin daughters, forever nicknamed Sunshine & Daisy, led me to discover how sparkle, color & light on the outside can be a catalyst to SPARK joy & healing on the inside... 

SPARK'D EarSeeds is where it all comes together.

Wanna hear more?

Sure! I love a good story!

10 on 10 Limited Editions

This is a brand built to inspire creativity & self expression...

So we baked creativity & self expression into the very foundation of our product line.  

On the 10th of every month, at 10am (PST) we are going to drop 10 LIMITED EDITION custom designed Ear Seed designs!

They'll be hand embellished by our artisans in Las Vegas,  made gorgeous with Swarovski crystals in epic colors, fascinatingly small hand-made clay artworks, and a huge assortment of charms and trinkets. 

They'll match the season, holidays or just create a vibe. 

But when they're gone, they're gone. 😥

Get on the list for reminders on the 9th!

Product image
Product image

SPARK'D Gives Back

This is also a brand that gives a crap about others. 

Whether that's our fans and customers or people in the world that are going through hard times. 

We've been there. 

$1 from every retail box sold will be donated to organizations who closely align with our values including LGBTQIA+ and other youth & baby/child-loss focused programs.  

As we get this project off the ground we'll keep you in the loop with more info and specific donation opportunities. 💖