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Rainbow Crystal Ear Seeds

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SPARK a Rainbow! 

Nothing like a little color to give your day a boost of joy and optimism!

24k gold plated ear seeds are hand-embellished with a full spectrum of Swarovski Crystals! Match your outfit, your mood, your epic nails, or add exactly the right amount of color to your all-black signature wardrobe.

Be warned: They Shine. A lot. Just like you. (So lame- I know.... but true! 😁)

Whether you pile them on or apply them sparingly, they are designed to elevate your mood so your joy, creativity, and all your "you-ness" floats right up to the surface. 

You cool with that?

  • 20, 24k & Rainbow Crystal Ear Seeds
  • Galactic Rainbow Stainless Steel Application Tweezers
  • Latex-Free Long-Wearing Clear Tape
  • Includes Point Educational Chart w Common Conditions
  • Extra Inspo Card and Stickers 'cuz they're dope

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