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Super Stay EarSeed Adhesive

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    Wanna make sure your EarSeeds Stick? Everyone's ears are different, and even shift in their ability to bond to the seeds at different points in the year, but we've got a bunch of tips to help you.... Try this:

    • Clean those ears with Alcohol before applying your seeds! (make sure they're 💯% dry before applying the seeds!)
    • Store your seeds in a safe, temperature-controlled environment- Don't leave them in the car or in direct sunlight, and don't let 'em get smashed at the bottom of your bag!
    • Apply them with tweezers, making sure to touch as little of the adhesive side of the tape as possible!
    • Once placed, Hold firmly for 5-10 seconds to "activate" the adhesive so it bonds to the ear.
    • After showers, just let your ear seeds dry naturally. You can pat out excess moisture but don't move or wiggle them! 

    When all else fails, reinforce your seeds with EarSeeds Tape Adhesive! Add this Super Stay Adhesive to your ear seed routine to ensure a long-lasting stick, especially for heavier limited editions. Perfect for warmer months when you may be sweating or have extra oily ears. 

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Adhesive will hold pellets in place for MANY days. ALWAYS remove pellets after 4-5 days maximum and allow ear to rejuvenate for 8-12 hours before replacing them with new pellets.


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