Why Ear Seeds Work

Why ear seeds work

Many of us think of our ears as the listening devices and earring displays that simply exist on the sides of our head... if we think of them at all. But in reality, your ears are far more than that. 

There are 4 major nerves (and other, smaller nerves) that run across the surface of your ear. When these nerve endings are SPARK'D, they send messages to your brain and communicate with areas of your entire body. Whether it's your nervous or neurological systems, digestive system, cardiovascular system or even your physical body, when you know where to look, all of those areas can be found and stimulated on the ear! 

We didn't make this up.

It's been deeply studied and proven for decades, and the roots of this fascinating modality date back hundreds and even thousands of years. 

Extra fascinating is a trained pro can actually look at the ear and see physical indicators of imbalances in the body!

Knee Injury, back pain, digestive issues often become visible markings that help you identify the issue and select the very best points to apply ear seeds. 



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